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Looking at this just makes me happy!! 😊😊😊_.__We can understand that not everyone has the budget t


Wholesome Paws is an artisan Pet Kitchen & Bakery based in Singapore, that creates healthy yet drool-licious treats and gourmet meals for our pets and yours. Using only 100% meats and human-grade ingredients, all our products contain no grain, corn, wheat, soy, added salt, nuts, artificial preservatives, colourings or flavours.

Our food is made with whole meats & fortified with natural vitamins and minerals derived from carefully selected ingredients. Freshly made in small batches means less of the nasties & more of the goodness your pet deserves.

All our meats and vegetables are cleaned then sanitised in Ozone before dehydration/cooking. Ozone is an extremely effective antimicrobial that kills all known pathogens including E. coli, listeria, salmonella, campylobacter, bacillus and norovirus without adding chemical by-products onto the food.

What does these all mean?

Good quality nutrition builds strong immune systems.

A healthier pet with a strong immune system

= lesser trips to the vet

= longer life
= Shiny and healthier coats and skin
= healthy gut

Every dish and treat is lovingly crafted to ensure the best nutrition & quality for our loyal friends. 

Love your pets the WHOLESOME way



We started because of Kaytee-poo

Wholesome Paws was born because our 3-legged rescue dog, Kaytee, needs Carpal Arthrodesis surgery. Kaytee found her way into our home as a rescue from the factories in Tuas. She's a failed foster... you know, the type who came and never left.

We found Kaytee 5 years ago with a healed broken front leg hanging from her body. Since it wasn't bothering her, we were planning to leave it. But now, a spine problem is threatening to cripple her back right leg, which means she could be left with only 2 good legs. Vets hope to fix the broken front leg so Kaytee can walk before her spine gives way from the stress of her daily hopping. Kaytee has had a tough stray life, and is even a cancer survivor.

As we did not take any money from SOSD for Kaytee's operation, we are hoping to earn enough funds from Wholesome Paws instead of asking for kind donations. Her surgery is expected to cost at least $8000, and CT scan is about $2500. On top of that, rehabilitation and hospitalisation is expected to go into the thousands.

We're grateful to our customers and pawstomers for their support, and will continue to give back to dog charities for as long as we are able to. After all, it's through dog charities that we were able to meet and adopt our 3 babies, Haru, Sora and Kaytee. 

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