Ahead+ and Ahead by Fitpet is an application based urine test kit that enables pet owners to identify up to 10 common illnesses such as UTI, bladder stones and diabetes at your own convenience. What's even better is that results are shown within 1 minute. Furthermore, Fitpet has also been certified with an accuracy of 99.6% by Korean Animal Medical Science Institute.


Ahead consists of the urine kit.

.Ahead+ comes with urine collection tools: gloves, a cup for collecting pee, and a non-absorbing pee pad.

You can head to http://fitpet.co.kr/19 to see how it is used.

From now till March 30 or while stocks last, there is an early bird special. Get Ahead+ for $18.90 (from $24.90) or a bundle set for $32.90 (from $44.80). A bundle enables pet owners to do a test, then make necessary modifications to diet etc, and then test again. The handy app will keep the data for you, and even provide information so that pet owners know more about their pet’s health status. Please contact us directly for the discount.

*Disclaimer: Ahead is a simple test inspection, not a diagnosis. If you notice any symptom, please visit the vet for further examination*


  • This is a 3rd party product and might not be eligible for free courier service, even with the minimum $100 spent.




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