We loooove Bahzhangs ourselves, and your dogs can join in on the feasting this weekend! These are REAL "BarkZhangs" with no glutinous rice, just meat! Ground meats replaces the traditional glutinous rice (who needs carbs?). Filled with nutritious ingredients so that the Barkzhangs will also be a boost of vitamins for your furkids.


Happy dumpling festival everypawdy!!


Dumpling Queen

Pork, with 

whole quail egg, goji berry, pulled pork, cordecep flowers, dandelion leaves

$15 for 2

Yin and Yum


with egg, pan-fried duck, moringa, maitake, dandelion leaves, sunflower seeds

$18 for 2


Oceans 11

Salmon, with 

saba, mussel, oyster, ikura, goji, shiitake, kelp, dandelion leaves, spirulina, pumpkin seeds

$25 for 2


Each barkzhang will be made with approx 100g of raw meats, plus the other ingredients.

We are not accepting customized ingredient orders at this time. Thank you.


Raw Fed?

Raw Barkzhangs will have the same ingredients. Please indicate if your dog is raw fed.


Do note that all ingredients will still be cooked/blanched, except for the main meat (including pulled pork, panfried duck). For seafood option, salmon, saba and ikura will be raw; shellfish will be cooked. 


Raw Barkzhangs will be frozen. 

Pick-up information

  • Pick up for Barkzhangs will be at 5 Lichfield Road only.
  • Available 12 & 13 June, between 2-7pm only.
  • Please note that delivery is NOT available for this item. 
  • Covid rules WILL apply; ie, no more than 3 groups of 2 customers in the store at any time.


  • We recommend that Bark Zhangs be refridgerated for up to 3 days, or frozen for up to 2 months. You may reheat to serve but don't forget to let it cool before serving.