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  • Omega 3 whole food supplement

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Needed to balance omega 6 that is high in farmed meats


Every time we make these fish snacks - no matter what shape it comes in, paws, roses, or waffles, or even sushi, it just smells so good and tastes delish! 

Our fish pawfles come frozen, in a mix of salmon flavours, packed with omega3s for its wonderful effects on skin and coat! 


These pawfles need a whole day to make... and might not always be available.


Please be aware that this is cooked then frozen, and not a dried treat. It cannot be sent via Singpost and is only available for pick up instore or sent out by dispatch.


Salmon, garbanzo beans, egg, lemon, herb


Handmade in Singapore
Comes in a set of 5-6 each.


  • We recommend that Pawfles be refridgerated for up to 4 days, or frozen for up to 4 months. 


    You may reheat before feeding but be sure to cool it down before feeding your pets.

    • Pawffles can only be self-collected at our flagship store @ 12 Jalan Selaseh.
    • They can also be delivered via a 3rd party courier service or in-house delivery. Please make sure to select "BIKE DISPATCH" for all broths or slush. They are frozened fresh foods and cannot be mailed out with standard shipping!
    • Bike Dispatch fees might not apply to certain areas of Singapore, including but not limited to Sentosa, Jurong Island, Lim Chu Kang, Boon Lay, etc. Please contact us if you are in these areas.