The FrankenPrey Raw Model is a species appropriate diet, that mimics the proportions of a whole raw prey animal by using bones, meat, and organs from other animals --- like Frankenstein! This creates a perfect meal where organs, bones, and muscle meats are in complete proportion. This is the stuff nature intended for!

Wholesome Paws strongly believes in educating dog owners - whether they are our customers or not - and have always been generous with our knowledge. Our workshops aim to share and impart information that we have learned over the past 15+ years of preparing food for our dogs.

If you know what balanced cooked food can do for your dogs, you should see what balanced raw food can do. We won't deny that feeding raw is not cheaper than feeding kibbles, but nutrition IS the basis to your dog's health. We have too many customers coming to us now with cancer, kidney failures, liver diseases, and sometimes it is tragically too late. Wholesome food and the ability to recognize what is good for your dog, is key to their longevity, and doing whatever you can do control what can be controlled.

Let Wholesome Paws guide you through some essential information to choosing the right kind of food for your dog, and recognize what really nourishes your pet. Our FrankenPrey RAW Workshop for Beginners promises to empower you with enough skills to start to take control of your dog's wellbeing for life. Learn how to calculate biologically appropriate species specific meals for your dog's weight, age, and activity level. We will also cover some cooked food information in the workshop.

Join us on 5 June at Wholesome Paws @ 12 Jalan Selaseh, from 1:30pm. We hope to end it within 4-5 hours. The workshop will cost $50 per person, and will include

🐶 Drinks and light snacks
🐶 Comprehensible notes

🐶 A simple demo on how to prep a raw meal

🐶 A choice of Wholesome Paws organ treats 100g worth $15

And more importantly,
🐶 Knowledge that will benefit your pet during it's lifetime - and all your pets thereafter! Priceless!!

Seats are limited and will be capped at 14pax. Please PM us if you are interested. Registration will be at first-come-first-served basis. See you!

PS: Dogs are welcomed at our location but might be a distraction so please don’t bring your dogs for this workshop. Let’s concentrate on learning!


PPS: Please select "SELF PICK-UP" for shipping fee as we can't seem to remove the shipping option. Thank you!


  • There is no refund for cancellations.

  • Participants will not be allowed to change to another class once confirmed. We have a limited number of seats and space, so it will not be fair to the other workshop participants.