• Ozoned before grinding, to cleanse feathers and and get rid of any pathogens
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • Local farmed
  • Feathers provides natural fiber and is a great source of manganese
  • Biologically appropriate PMR diet

Is your dog shook that you want to offer it a bird with feathers to eat? Feathers, like fur, is actually a great source of natural fiber for the dogs, and also provide an important source of manganese. However, some dogs will refuse to eat a whole bird with feathers, even if they are willing to eat the same bird without feathers! The solution? Whole quail, ground up, so you can simply break off and add into their meal prep! Stir it into their food and most fussy dogs won't even notice. 

This is available in 200g or 400g vacuum packs.


  • This is a frozen item and can only be couriered, or picked up in store.