• Bite: Crispy

  • Whole food supplement for zinc

  • Supports skin and coat health

  • Boosts immune system


Zinc is often missing or lacking in canine (and human) diets. Deficiencies lead to thin coats, flaky skin, and slow healing processes, mouth ulcers, and lower immunity leading to respiratory and gastrointestinal issues. Some people prefer to supplement with manmade powders, but we like to feed our dogs natural foods as supplements, as God intended!

Oysters have the highest concentration of dietary zinc out of all the foods out there, and are also a source of iron and have high omega 3s.

Dogs roughly need 1mg of zinc a day per kg of body weight! In fact, we learnt that dehydrated oysters have a big increase in zinc compared to its raw form. Each oyster contains approximately 7mg of zinc. What could be better than treating your dog AND nourishing it’s body naturally at the same time?


Maximum feeding recommendation

Small dogs : 1 oyster a day

Medium / large dogs: 2 oysters a day

Giant breeds : 3 oysters a day


These oysters should be regarded as supplements and not for "buffet" feeding. DO NOT feed in excess or you can cause dietary imbalances!


Imported from South Korea

Handmade in Singapore 

Net weight: 50g

Sold by weight, not volume


    • Feed within 3-4 months from date of manufacture.
    • Supervise your pet when feeding.