Kefir is an awesome probiotic that’s very beneficial for gut health and digestion. Do you know that gut health is maybe 70% of a dog’s overall health? That is why maintaining gut health is so important. In fact, the name is derived from the Turkish word “keyif” which basically means to feel good after eating! Kefir also contains a range of bioactive acids and peptides that add to its health benefits, and is LOADS more beneficial than yogurt, containing up to about 60 strains of good bacteria. It’s extremely beneficial for dogs who have weak tummies and easily get diarrhea, as well as boosting immunity for those who are prone to allergies.


Wholesome Paws kefir is cultured and made by our own hands. We currently sell them plain, or in 2 flavours: Pumpkin Cinnarella, and Berry-nana-rama. It can be fed frozen as a cold treat BUT kefir is actually best consumed when the probiotic cultures are not hibernating, so you can let it thaw for 5-10 minutes to bring it back to life!


Pumpkin Cinnarella

Ingredients: cow's milk or goat's milk, with pumpkin, organic ceylon cinnamon, and raw honey.

Pumpkin has natural fibers and helps with digestive regularities. Studies have shown that Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory (helps with arthritis), anti-fungal (helps with yeast infection) & helps to regulate blood sugar.



Ingredients: cow's milk or goat's milk, strawberry, banana, organic chia seeds, and raw honey. 

Strawberries are full of vitamins and antioxidants, and even contains an enzyme that helps whiten teeth! Bananas are loaded of potassium and magnesium, helping boost the immune system, while replenishing electrolytes.

Purchase of this item comes with your understanding that if it is out of stock, it takes several days to make each batch, and it cannot be rushed. We will not entertain any claims or demands if you want instant gratification.

Handmade in Singapore

Net volume: Approx 80-90ml per tub. This is for a set of 2!


    • Please store in the freezer and feed within 3 months from manufactured date. As all foods, supervise your pet when feeding.