• Bite: Light to medium chew
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • Local farmed


Sold in packs of 3 birds, cut to pieces.

Each piece varies in size.


Exotic/Novelty Meats

As with ALL exotic meats, please feed with care. Do make sure to always refrain from feeding 1-2 novelty meats that your dog has never tried, in case it one day needs to undergo a food elimination trial.


Farmed locally

Handmade in Singapore


    • Feed within 4 months from date of manufacture.
    • Supervise your pet when feeding.
    • All our meats & vegetables are cleaned then sanitised in Ozone before dehydration. Ozone is an effective antimicrobial that kills all known pathogens.
    • All treats are packed in BPA free, food grade, recyclable zipper bags that are heat sealed with oxygen absorbents to prevent mold growth & rancidity.
    • To ensure that bacteria is destroyed, our treats are made with a premium dehydrator with certified BPA free trays & screens with controlled low temperatures, to ensure treats are dehydrated according to the guidelines given by the USDA Meat and Poultry, while still maintaining their nutrients.
    • NO Preservatives. NO artificial flavouring. NO colouring.
    • Human grade ingredients only