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  • Bite: Medium hard chew
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes


Manganese is an essential trace mineral, and needed for metabolic health, joint health, and neurological function. Meats and organs are typically low in manganese, so it is possible to supplement with mussels that provide some. Probably the best, mineral rich option for manganese, however, is actually pelt/fur and feathers. Fur is also a natural source of fiber for dogs who need some bulking up of poop to help express anal glands.


Our rabbit is antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and not washed in chlorine. They are also bred above ground (not burrows) which reduces the likelihood of them falling sick or having parasites. We have washed the rabbit in ozone (as all our treats are) then dried them in low temperatures. They are quite hard, but suitable also for smaller dogs.


Sold in packs of 5.

Each piece varies in size, and is around 10-13g.


Exotic/Novelty Meats

As with ALL exotic meats, please feed with care. Do make sure to always refrain from feeding 1-2 novelty meats that your dog has never tried, in case it one day needs to undergo a food elimination trial.



Imported from USA
Handmade in Singapore


    • Feed within 4 months from date of manufacture.
    • Supervise your pet when feeding.
    • All our meats & vegetables are cleaned then sanitised in Ozone before dehydration. Ozone is an effective antimicrobial that kills all known pathogens.
    • All treats are packed in BPA free, food grade, recyclable zipper bags that are heat sealed with oxygen absorbents to prevent mold growth & rancidity.
    • To ensure that bacteria is destroyed, our treats are made with a premium dehydrator with certified BPA free trays & screens with controlled low temperatures, to ensure treats are dehydrated according to the guidelines given by the USDA Meat and Poultry, while still maintaining their nutrients.
    • NO Preservatives. NO artificial flavouring. NO colouring.
    • Human grade ingredients only