We keep hearing from some raw feeders that they have issues feeding their doggies a range of seafood, as there’s only so much their freezers can store. So here’s something we’re trying out! Say hi to our omega3 rich seafood medley! This is balanced for omega3 (oily fish), to zinc (oysters) to manganese (mussels). 

It has got a blend of
- Greenlipped Mussels, Bluelipped Mussels, and Oysters

Mixed with one or more of
- Capelin, Hoki, Smelts, Pacific Sardines, Saba (mackerel), Sanma (pacific saury), and Norwegian Salmon

The mussels and oysters were blanched, which helps increase its levels of manganese and zinc. Did you know that manganese and zinc is often lacking in DIY diets? Deficiencies are often mistaken as allergies and symptoms can show up in just a few short weeks. And although we love raw feeding, cooked shellfish usually increases the nutrient we are feeding it for. More importantly, raw shellfish run the risk of toxoplasmosis gondii, that’s eliminated by cooking.

This is available in 400g vacuum packs.

We’re planning to do different batches of these with a wide array of different seafood. It’s all ground down and great for some of those raw fed dogs who don’t like seafood. You can cut through it after a minute or so of thawing, and break off pieces to add to your dog's raw meal preps easily.


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