Take your mind off balancing your dog's meals. These ready-to-eat dinners are simple to prepare - simply defrost, remove from the bag and serve!


Each vacuum sealed pack contains 200g of food, consisting of 90% meats with 10% vegetables. Meats are minced in-house to ensure quality. You may top it up with supplements to suit your pet's needs. 


Sold in sets of 14 pieces. You may purchase individual packs in store.

Pork🐷 Dinner (200g x 14)
Lean pork, pork heart, pork liver, pork kidney, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, kelp & calcium carbonate.

Beef🐮 Dinner (200g x 14)
Lean beef, beef heart, beef lung, beef liver, beef kidney, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, kelp & calcium carbonate.

Duck🦆 Dinner (200g x 14)
Duck breast, duck heart, duck liver, duck gizzard, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, kelp & calcium carbonate.


Handmade in Singapore


  • Keep frozen. Thaw overnight in refridgerator before feeding. Please supervise while feeding. Thawed food should be kept refridgerated and consumed within 2 days. 

  • This is a frozen item and can only be couriered, or picked up in store.