• Great immunity boost
  • Anti-cancer
  • Rich in Vitamin D3
  • High in antioxidants


Mushrooms have a bad rep for dogs, but the reverse is true! Medicinal mushrooms that are suitable for human consumption, can also be consumed by dogs! (PS: NEVER feed wild mushrooms - they are are definitely not safe.)


Here's why mushrooms are great:

  • They are natural immune boosters, helping to protect the body 
  • They are a rich source of vitamin D3 - important for dogs to consume since they cannot convert D3 from the sun like humans do
  • They are proven to have effective cancer fighting properties, even helping chemo drugs find cancer cells that have gone into hiding!


Mushrooms are best sautéed or made into broth as many contain trace numbers of carcinogenic compounds which can be destroyed through cooking; cooking thus makes it safe for consumption. Further, the nutrients we want from mushrooms are protected by their cell walls, and these cell walls are broken down and can be absorbed if the mushrooms are heated. (Just like how dogs cannot break down the cell walls of vegetables). 


Wholesome Paws' Shrooms Broth is prepared by exposing the mushroom gills to sunlight first, which is said to significantly increase the amount of vitamin D. We make stock with organic kombu and filtered water, and add a mix of mushrooms into this, before topping off with organic golden turmeric paste, made with organic turmeric root, black pepper and coconut oil. 


Each batch differs in the mix of mushrooms that are added in; we use Reishi (Lingzhi), Cordyceps, Turkey Tail (Yunzhi), Shiitake, White Button, King Oyster, Oyster, Portobello or Maitake mushrooms. The regular Shrooms Broth is $12, while the premium broth (with lingzhi, cordyceps or yunzhi) is $14.


Broths are made in small batches. We may not be able to cater to immediate or urgent requests. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your order to be fulfilled if we are out of stock.


We do NOT recommend mushrooms for dogs with autoimmune disorders.

We do NOT recommend kombu for dogs with hyperthyroidism. 


For more information on mushrooms, please refer to the following links:

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Handmade in Singapore

Net volume: Approx 500ml


    • Please store in the freezer and feed within 4 months from manufactured date. As all foods, supervise your pet when feeding. 
    • Defrost in the fridge and pour out a portion you would need for 2-3 days; freeze the remainder.