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The durian cake contains a minimum 500g of human-grade ground meats, mixed with organic flaxseed meal, organic coconut, green vegetables, goji berries, egg and herbs. This is covered with plain mashed potato, which can be mixed with natural colouring from fruits or vegetables to get orange, yellow, purple, blue, green, brown and pink colours.

We do not use any flour, gluten, artificial colouring or preservatives, or any other nasties.


Organic Pork


Grassfed Beef


Hormone-free, Antibiotic-free Chicken



Lamb (We do not recommend lamb for breeds prone to pancreatic issues, or dogs who have pancreatic issues)

Please enter a higher quantity for multiples of 500g if you need a larger cake. We can also do smaller increments of 100g; please contact us directly if necessary.

Purchase of any cakes from Wholesome Paws comes with the understanding that we only use natural food colouring from vegetables etc, and no two cakes will be of the same colour.


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    • We recommend that cakes be picked up the day of the pawty. As natural dyes are used, they might oxidize or fade with time, so picking up in advance is not usually advisable. Some colours last better than others.
    • There is a high chance that the potato frosting might also crack as it dries out, and thinned out frosting might shrink or shrivel. If cakes are picked up ahead of the party, we recommend that they be kept sealed in plastic wrap to prevent drying out. This is NOT a fail-proof solution.
    • Cakes can be refridgerated for up to 3 days. You may portion any remainders to be frozen for up to 3 months. 
    • If your dog is not used to eating any of the listed ingredients, especially if it is not used to eating cooked food, please refrain from ordering. We will not be responsible for loose stools.