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Wholesome Paws Salon is our grooming wing that provides low-stress, cage-free grooming for your furkids, with emphasis on total wellbeing and improvement of skin and coat. We strive to use products that are as natural as possible, many of which are formulated with therapeutic grade essential oils. Our main product line is from Essential Dog and Melanie Newman, who shares our passion in providing safer and natural alternatives for your dog.

Do contact us for specific price quotations based on breed. Each dog breed may differ due to fur type and temperament. Thank you!



There will be an additional fee for de-matting a matted pet as it requires a longer time to groom. It also causes stress and trauma not be held responsible for clipper injuries caused due to the condition of matted pets and any vet costs due to these are at the expense of the owner.


Aggressive dogs

We reserve the right to muzzle or cone any aggressive dogs, or ask you to muzzle your pet, for the safety of both the pet and groomer. Additional fees may be charged for the time taken to groom a dog with behavioural issues because a lot more time is used to try to avoid bites. We reserve the right to refuse a dog that presents a risk of injury to itself or staff; any services rendered will be charged. A history of biting or aggressiveness must be made known. This is for the safety of the pet, other visiting pets, and the groomer. We will not compromise the safety of the salon to complete a groom or to accept business. Should our staff or any customers be bitten, or medical attention be required, you may be billed.

Late arrivals / Cancellation of appointments

A cancellation of appointment should be made at least 24 hours prior to appointment. If you are late for more than 15 minutes, your appointment may be cancelled and you might need to reschedule. Please give us a call if you are running late to see if we are able to accommodate you. We may choose to refuse working with you with repeated no shows of appointments, or require upfront payment, which may be forfeited if there is a no show.


Timely pick-ups

Please pick your pets up in a timely manner, within 2 hours of us informing you that they are ready. Pets left with us over 2 hours may be charged for daycare.



Puppies must have at least two sets of vaccinations before coming in for appointments. We may refuse to do a full groom for puppies under 6 months as there is a risk of injury for your pet. A basic groom and puppy trim is recommended to be done several times before going into full groom. Fidgeting puppies will take a much longer time as we do not want them to get a life-long trauma to grooming.


Senior dogs

Grooming might take a longer time for senior dogs as it can be risky to try to hurry to stress them out. We prefer to groom them in a low-stress, calm environment, and let them be the boss of their time. 


Stressed / fearful dogs

Grooming can be traumatic or stressful for some dogs. Pets that are easily stressed or aggressive may not be safe to groom. If at any time our groomer feels that the safety of the pet or the groomer is in question, the grooming will stop and the pet will be returned to your care. Payment will be due for the portion of the groom that is completed. Under no circumstances can a groom be guaranteed. 



Pets should be allowed to go toilet before the groom. If the dog defecates or urinates during the process, the owner may be charged for a second bath if it gets dirtied. If the dog is known to mark, please inform us. Dogs who start marking the place will have a manner-belt placed on him/her, even after the grooming session.


Condition of Pet

Pets in a normal condition with regular grooming regularly are in a non-matted and dry state. If the dog is not in a normal condition, grooming may take longer and incur additional fees.

Pet Health and Safety

It is absolutely essential that any known health issues be made known, as well as recent vet visits or any history of issues at previous grooms. Any infectious diseases, skin conditions, or parasites must be disclosed. We maintain the right to refuse to groom any pet that is unhealthy or is in distress. Any services rendered will be charged.


Parasites / Fungus

Fleas, ringworm, or another other parasitical or fungal or infectious disease must be disclosed so that precautions may be made for the safety of our groomers and other customers. We may not accept infected pets for care or for grooming. If such is discovered during grooming, we reserve the right to charge for the service and to stop the session if necessary. Further, additional penalty charges will immediately be imposed for sanitizing or post groom fumigation, and the pet may be returned immediately to the owner.


Damage of property

If your pet damages property in the salon, you may be charged for replacement or refurbishment at the discretion of the salon.

Refusal of Service

Wholesome Paws reserves the right to refuse to perform any service that may compromise the pet's health, skin or coat.

Threats and Disrespect

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is disrespectful or aggressive towards any of our staff, or who threatens our business or safety in any way. Neither verbal nor physical abuse will be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. 


In the event of injury or illness, should the pet require timely veterinary care during or after grooming, we may call upon a trusted vet and all costs incurred in connection with the injury or illness shall be at the owner's expense. By using our services, the owner agrees to indemnify Wholesome Paws, its officers, directors, employees, agents, distributors, affiliates, subsidiaries and their related companies for any and all claims, damages, losses and causes of action. The owner will release Wholesome Paws and its staff from all liability for damages or injury or death that may arise or may be discovered during the grooming process. Further, the owner agrees that he/she shall be fully responsible for; and shall fully indemnify and protect Wholesome Paws and its staff from responsibility for any and all injuries, illnesses, or other damages to Wholesome Paws personnel and/or to any other person or persons on Wholesome Paws’s premises that may arise from contact with the owner’s pet(s) as a result of aggressive behaviour and/or owner’s failure to have the pet vaccinated against Rabies and Bordetella.

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